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Colerain Football

Even though Colerain lost to #HuberHeightWayne tonight (21-28) I know one thing for sure, this year’s team has brought #Faith, #Support, #Friendships, #Family, and #Leadership to a whole new level.

I personally have been part of the Colerain Football Family since 2010.  I have seen a lot in those years and I can say I have definitely learned a lot.  When your son decides to play football he makes a choice to become part of a bigger family.  He makes a commitment to give his best at all times.  Not only in academics, health and wellness, but in how he presents his self to others and how he decides to treat others. This year’s team really stood out.

Over my years as serving as a football mom, I have never met a group of young men like this year’s team, especially this year’s Colerain Football Seniors.  I have watched a group of young men who became best friends, donated countless hours helping others, and treated everyone that came across their paths with respect and kindness.  The other thing that blew me away is, they were never afraid to show their faith.  They prayed before meals together and prayed before games.

If ever a player needed a ride home or a meal, these young men made sure it happened.  If they needed a shoulder to lean on, they were there for each other.  No questions asked, just love and support given with no expectations of anything in return. These young men bonded like no other team I have seen before.  They have built solid friendships that will last a life time.  These friendships have spilled over into the families of each and every player.

They have proven that Leadership doesn’t need to be pushy and intimidating.  They have shown us all that Leadership can come from those standing strong in their commitment. Leadership can come from the heart and these seniors have lots of heart.

I have no doubt these Colerain Football Seniors will go on to be very successful in life.  They are grounded, faithful, strong, courageous, and they love family.

Thank you for letting me a part of your family!

Luv, luv,

Julie – Colerain Football Mom

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