Love the Lines

The lines, they start above.
From worry, maybe some pain.
Most from reflecting on a life gone by.
Earned from never refusing to learn.
Gaining wisdom.

Down they fall.
Into the eyes, filled with lines.
Heavy and tired at times.
More often than wanted, filled with puddles.
Those lines see you.
Your sorrow.
Your happiness.
Your love.

Visible more often now.
Those lines around the mouth.
The ones formed from all the years you made me smile 💙
Formed from laughter and joy.
From family and friendships.

Those lines spoke too quickly, too often.
At times, with hope and prayer, they soothed your mind and touched your soul.

Those circling the neck, creasing the ears.
Those lines hold it all together.
Listening for hours.
Taking it all in.
Good or bad.
Happy or sad.
Committed and determined lines.
Steady and strong.

There is no stopping the lines, as they all lead to somewhere.
Embrace them.
Remember where they came from.
More will come.
Love the lines!

Luv, Luv,