Heal My Wounds; Leave My Scars Long Awaited Book Release

CINCINNATI, Ohio, May 1, 2018, Hear My Heart Publishing is pleased to announce the release of the detailed story of te

Heal My Wounds Leave My Scars

rror, trauma, and forgiveness by author Lorraine Reed Whoberry.  Heal My Wounds; Leave My Scars chronicles Lorraine’s experience o

f every parent’s worse nightmare.

Lorraine received a call to rush from work one frigid Friday afternoon to their home in a sleepy neighborhood outside Man

asses, Virginia.  She arrived to find the most horrific crime scene imaginable: her older daughter, 16-year-old Stacie, had been brutally murdered, and her younger daughter, 14-year-old Kristie, was also attacked, assaulted, and left to die.

Lorraine vividly remembers the terror, the frantic drive to the hospital where doctors would work to save Kristie’s life, and her desperation to find answers to questions no mother should ever have to ask. That brutal winter finally passed. Now, many springs and summers have followed, slowly thawing Lorraine’s heart.  God, through the power of forgiveness, has provided redemption to the pain she and Kristie have experienced. They are moving forward with a restored and renewed sense of purpose.

The goal of the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation is for Heal My Wounds; Leave My Scars to be part of every U.S. prison library. Lorraine’s story opens doors for inmates to see the affects of crime on victims and illustrates forgiveness for those who have caused pain— the driving force behind many criminal behaviors.

Lorraine is deeply moved by the life-changing impact her story has on others.  She speaks in prisons and corresponds with those who have heard her tell her story. She serves as the Executive Director for the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation and the Sharing Hope Center, an outreach of New Hope Ministries in Cincinnati, Ohio, that provides resources for victims of crime, devastating trauma and life-altering situations. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Rich, her daughter Kristie, and her three grandchildren.

Heal My Wounds; Leave My Scars is available at StacieFoundation.org.

To get information about having Lorraine as a guest speaker, please call Paula Bussard at (513) 604-0075, or email info@staciefoundation.org

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