Don’t let evil stop you from loving

stop evilThese days when you turn on the TV, Radio or look at updates on your phone it can be a little depressing and some days just down right disturbing.  Chemical weapons, potential wars, on-going wars, and mass shootings are spread out on every channel.  Then there are those sick individuals who kidnap, molest, beat and kill.  We see young lives getting caught up in Heroin, cocaine, and drinking excessively and at times even deciding to take their own lives.  There is catfishing, sexting, unplanned pregnancies, and no filters for the things that come out of one’s mouth or even when posting online.   Car accident after accident, irresponsible parenting and mentors.  All awhile the earth is crumbling all around us; earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, and mass flooding.

As a society we trust those who we elect to be in charge, but even these days those mentors, people we elect end up letting us down in some way shape or form.  One can say they are only human; people make mistakes.  In some cases this might be true, but in most there is just no excuse.

With all this negative stuff going on around us, it’s no surprise people lose HOPE and resort to “what makes them feel good” even if it’s only a temporary fix.  Molestation, kidnapping, drugs, money, killing is all a temporary sick, sick high.  When the high is over, more hope is lost and death of human dignity is soon to follow.

What if, instead of killing, a person chose love?  What if, instead of molestation, a person chose God?  What if, instead of drugs, a person chose friendship?  What if, instead of money/greed ,a person chose service/giving?

Most days after watching the TV I just want to lock the doors and stay inside.  I want to protect my children and family from all the evil outside.  If we do that, we let the evil win.  These days it would seem as if there is more evil than good, but that is why it’s even more important than ever to get out and choose God.  Choose to Love one another and choose life; the life God gave to each and every one of us.

Don’t let the evil in this world turn you into a hopeless individual, don’t let it scare you out of living.  Let it be your driving force to want to make a difference in this world and bring back the dignity in humanity.  Let it be your driving force toward loving one another.  Let it be your road to God.

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About the Author:

Julie Metzger of Cincinnati, OH is the Owner/Founder of Returning the Gift, has over 20+ years of Information Technology experience and has 12+ years of church & community involvement. She is working on her mission to change the world through Faith, Hope, Courage, Strength, Inspiration and most of all Love!