Johnny and JoeyMy boys can drive me crazy.  One day they can be sitting next to me sharing their deepest thoughts and the next day they can be arguing with me about cleaning the basement.  Bottom line is, I can never imagine my life without them.

They are two completely different kids.  At the core I like to think they are the same.  They both can adapt to situations presented to them.  They are both extremely kind and tender hearted.  Most of all, I like to think they understand love.  Not the “fall head over heels” kind of love, but a love for each other, family and friends.

My oldest son is the biggest gentle giant you will ever meet.  By looking at him, you might be intimidated by his size, how old he looks, and the quiet demeanor he has about him.  But there is something about him that makes you want to get closer and find out more.  Your curiosity will have you asking yourself, “What is it about this gentle giant that makes me want to hug him?”

He is polite and when asked, will do what you ask of him.  He is not one to go out of his way to get in your way.  He would much rather sit back and see what happens.  He is smart, very analytical, and a problem solver. He is a very deep thinker and just when you think you cannot go any deeper, he will spring something on you that will make you think twice.  Most of all he loves deeply when he knows you are hurting.  As I write these words, my eyes fill with tears as I know he is a beautiful gift.

My youngest will melt your heart the minute you see him smile.  Something about those dimples is so innocent, yet so devious. He is confident yet insecure at the same time.  He will stand strong in his belief and break down because he believes so strong.

He will be the first to put you in your place and the first to pick you up when you fall.  He is smart, driven and a care taker.  He is funny, sarcastic and soaks it all in.  He is a terrible singer, but will sing anyway if it will put a smile on your face.  When you are mad and upset, he doesn’t wait for direction.  He steps in and takes action.  His bonds are deep and meaningful. You might not be drawn to my youngest son out of curiosity, but you will stay because of his love for you.  He too is a beautiful gift!

I often ask myself how someone like me can be so worthy of such extraordinary gifts from God.  Two boys, so completely different and yet LOVE runs through their veins.  I am not sure I can answer my own question, but I thank God every single day of my life I was trusted to have such precious gifts and the differences they have to offer.

Luv, luv,