Every time I hear the song “Broken Together” by Casting Crowns I find myself stopping what I am doing and listening to the song.  Recently I started watching and listening to the video on youtube and although the video depicts a husband and wife broken together it makes me think deeper about the world we live in.  The broken world we live in.

In a world full of individual dreams and mystery, we are all hoping for a fairytale ending, but more than likely are getting the complete opposite.  Even when you look at the bigger picture, there are nations with secrets and scars that run so deep that even when we begin to try to talk about them and bring peace, we only end up in war.

We ALL have different dreams.  Living those dreams outside of God’s word brings loneliness.  It’s the understanding that we are all broken not only as individuals but as nations.  Just like two people coming together in marriage, the fairy tale begins, but along the way evil interrupts the dream and the brokenness begins.  Nations were born from God’s beautiful beginnings, but then evil stepped in and wars began. How beautiful would it be if we could come together as nations, as individuals and bring our dreams together, put love in front of us, and God first?

We are all broken and the only promise for peace is Love.   The only way to understand how to deliver that Love is God. Accepting each other’s brokenness is the beginning. Learning to forgive is the journey. Never giving up is the fight.  Heaven is the reward!

Luv, Luv,



Thank you Casting Crowns for the inspiration!