Tonight I pray for you………….

As the silence sets in on yet another Sunday night, I lay in bed hearing the sounds of John snoring and the stillness of the boys as they are fast asleep dreaming of “no school” tomorrow.  I am thinking of my husband and saying a pray for him tonight.

With my late night chocolate snack devoured (Opera Cream cake from the Bonbonerie, Yum!), my thoughts and prayers turn to him.  This morning like many other mornings he woke up in pain.  Today his leg cramps were so bad, it brought him to tears.  Crying out for me and struggling to stand I wanted so badly to take him to the hospital, but like always he refused.

Work is hard on him, I know.  He was employed for over 20 years at a job he loved were digging the ground in with a backhoe became an art for him.  He was and still is very good at what he does.  But do to the economy those jobs are few and far between.  My heart aches for him and the many men that lost their jobs in those fields.  Today he works 2nd shift in a factory for half the money doing twice the work and he is older now, so it takes its toll.  I see it on him every day and I worry.

Our lives have changed a lot over the past few years, as I know many lives have changed.  It’s been an adjustment and a hard one for a family that is close.  We also know that together we can make it though anything.  Our love is strong and our faith is too.

So tonight John, I pray for you………..  I love you.  I see that you are in pain.  Although I cannot feel the pain in your legs, I feel the pain in my heart.  I am sorry that you have to stand long hours and work so hard.  The boys and I love appreciate all that you do.  You take such good care of us and we thank you …………………..We love you!


Thank you for the best Gift you have ever given me.  I continue to unwrap it each and every day.  He is strong, smart, beautiful, and funny (boy is he funny).  He is my best friend, the greatest dad, and after 16 years I still believe he loves me.

Give him strength, take away his pain and fill his heart with your love.   Give him confidence, reassurance, and acceptance to know that things will get better.  He is always there to encourage us, let us now encourage him.  Fill his days with blessings.  Show him signs that you are with him.  Whisper in his ear you are near.  Fill his mind with images of us being there with him.  Grant him forgiveness and walk with him in his day and at the end of the day send him home to us so that we too can wrap are arms around him and thank him for being the best gift one could ask for.


If I had one wish today, it would be to take all his pain away and to find him a job I know he would love.

Luv, Luv,


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