Julie's Blog

I am the seed


I am the seed
Tossed away never to be planted
Floating in the air
Never touching ground
Until one day
Falling into the hands of the wanting

I am the seed
Planted in the ground
Dirt piled upon me
I can’t breathe
I can’t see
Please, release me

I am the seed
I can feel the cold
Drowning in water
Earth cracking all around me
My shell is hard
My insides are soft

I am the seed
Breaking through
The soft becoming strong
The insides growing outward
Forcing my way
Upward toward the light

I am the seed
I am almost there
Catching my breath
Feeling hopeful
Warmth of the sun
Taking in light

I am the seed
Who has become a flower
Growing in strength
Feeling courageous
Finding my path
Starting to bloom

I am a flower
Started from seed
God smallest gift
Watered by want
Growing in faith
Surrounded by love

Luv, luv,