The Caregiver’s Beatitudes – By Kathleen Kuhn, M.S

Blessed are you who clean, dress and groom me.

In the Kingdom you will be bathed in glory.

Blessed are you who prepare my meals and feed me.

In the Kingdom you will feast with delight.

Blessed are you who exercise my muscles and joints.

In the Kingdom you will run without weariness.

Blessed are you who visit me.

In the Kingdom you will be surrounded by love.

Blessed are you who endure my endless questions with patience.

In the Kingdom you will be rewarded with peace.

Blessed are you who do my laundry.

In the Kingdom you will be clothed in joy.

Blessed are you who volunteer to entertain me.

In the Kingdom you will sing and dance with God.

Blessed are you who quiet me when I scream, find me when I am lost,

And calm me when I am agitated.

Your reward in Heaven will be great.

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