NTC – Day 6 -11

NTC – Days 6 – 11 have been fairly easy.  I haven’t had the urge to turn on the TV.  I have been doing a lot of editing of previously written book material and have been adding more to it.  Day 10 was filled with meetings and with hanging out in the pool with my husband.  We enjoy days like this.  We talk and laugh a lot.  We also rest.  I have finished all the recent books I was reading and have decided to read one book of the bible each night before I go to bed.  This weekend I hope to purchase a few more books to get me through the summer.

Keep praying for me.  I need all the prayers and positive thoughts I can get.  The goal is to finish this book.  Thank you to all those who have sent me a text or message me with positive words of encouragement.  Those mean so much to me and let me know I am on the right path.

Luv, Luv,


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