NTC – Day 4 -6

I didn’t realize, until I took TV out of my life, how much of my time TV filled my day.  Day 4 and 5 of my NTC were really hard.  Found myself sleeping a lot.  Went to bed extremely early on day 5 only to find myself waking up very early day 6.  But that was okay.  It’s weird, but I felt rested today.  Maybe it had to do with the fact that yesterday was the last test John had to take for his heart.  He did really good with his stress test yesterday, considering we went to the wrong location and barely made it in time.

My husband asked me today “How long are you going to do this challenge?”  I told him June and July.  He said that is a long time.  Although he doesn’t understand why I challenge myself, he is always supportive of whatever I do.Coke Cola Cake

Today, NTC day 6 has been the easiest so far.  I kept myself busy most of the day.  Went grocery shopping, made another Coke Cola Cake (turned out even better than last time), had a glass of wine while floating in the pool and began reading yet another book.  Relentless Hope – Beth Guckenberge.  

I can’t say that I have learned anything in the past six days, other than its really hard not watching TV.  But I am not giving up on the hope God is showing me something.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

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