NTC – Day 12 – 16

Wow still hard to believe I have come this far.  Sixteen days of no TV.  Still looking for the lesson in all of this.  I even wonder why I challenged myself to begin with.  I think it was because I am looking for something deeper, more meaningful than what TV was providing me.  I really don’t feel like I am missing anything spectacular on TV.

I don’t have a good routine down yet.  My son said the other day, as I was sitting on the couch staring out the window, he felt sorry for me and wished I could watch TV.  He said I looked bored.  I told him it was okay and that sometimes it’s good to spend time with your thoughts.

Spent some quality time with my husband.  We swam in the pool a lot.  Floated around talking and laughing.  He told me about his best friend passing when he was a teenager.  Something I knew about but we talked more in depth about it.  I found out somethings I didn’t know.  Things about how he felt.  Made me appreciate his gentleness even more.

We went to a Strawberry Festival.  John’s idea.  When he suggests something like this I am all over it because it doesn’t happen too often.  We had a lot of fun.  It was very hot.  There were tractors, antiques, but not a lot of strawberries, which surprised us both.  The day reminded me of my dad.  He would have loved it there.

Currently reading How To Forgive Ourselves Totally: Begin Again by Breaking Free from Past Mistakesby R.T. Kendall

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