No TV Challenge (NTC) – Day 3

Its hard to believe I am at the end of day 3 and I haven’t watched a lick of TV.  My Tuesday night was filled with more editing and researching for my book.  I sat out back most of the night while John listened to the radio and I was busy reviewing my notes.  I found myself pulling old documents and looking at the information on the paper with a new set of eyes. Things appeared that I hadn’t seen before or never recognized.  At the end of my day I found myself finishing the book, Handling the Truth by Beth Kephart  (A good read if your trying to write a memoir) and writing a “Letter of Love” to my son Joey for his seventeenth birthday.  Something I encourage all parents to do for their children.

Today was filled with doctor appointments for John, watching my son devour his cheese cake and reading an entire book by Beth Guckenberger – Reckless Faith.  I surprise myself when I finish a book in a day (this one within hours) considering years ago it would take me months to finish a book.

Even though I was missing out on an important event tonight I feel like I was where I was supposed to be.

Luv, Luv,


Compassion does’t originate on our bleeding heart or moral sweat, but in God’s mercy. – Romans 9:16 MSG

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