No TV Challenge – Day 1

Today begins my No TV challenge.  For the next two months (June & July), no more TV.  Time for some movement, reading, writing and business development.  It’s easy to come home from work everyday and just sit on the couch and watch TV.  A lot of what I watch is what I call “No brain” TV.  Lots of reality shows that are really NOT the reality I live in.  Nothing I was watching was making my life richer, encouraged me to grow or challenged me.

It will be hard to take a walk, or pick up a book or write something down every time I want to turn on the TV.  I am sure there will be times I just give up and take a nap.  It’s going to be a tough challenge, but I am encourage by the possibilities of growth.

Join me each day as I try my best to post a few words of how my days are going and the struggles and rewards to come.  Wish me luck.  Send me prayers and book suggestions.

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Julie Metzger of Cincinnati, OH is the Owner/Founder of Returning the Gift, has over 20+ years of Information Technology experience and has 12+ years of church & community involvement. She is working on her mission to change the world through Faith, Hope, Courage, Strength, Inspiration and most of all Love!