God your compassion has no end

I know my boys are kind and compassionate, but I am always surprised by them when I see their compassion in action.

My oldest son Johnny has been dating his girlfriend Emily for about 7 months now.  He has talked with me on several occasions about her having conversion disorder and tourette’s.  When she was first introduced in to our family I would complain about how loud she would laugh and how it would keep me up at night.  I would also comment about her inappropriate comments.   He would explain it was all part of the disorder.  He mentioned to me that she also has seizures.  In my ignorance of these disorders I said to him, “Doesn’t that scare you?  What if she has a seizure while you are around?”  He said, “Mom, she has already had them, and I know what to do.”  I must admit I was surprised and not completely confident in his abilities.

Then one day at the end of the summer he called me on his phone and said he was out front and needed a favor.  He asked me if I could open the front door, so he could bring Emily inside the house as she was in his truck having a seizure.  I scrambled from the back yard to the front door and opened it up.  There was my son carrying his girlfriend in his arms.  A big 300-pound grizzly looking guy carrying this petite frail young girl in his arms.  He gently laid her down on the couch and started stroking her hair.  Calmly whispering to her, “You will be ok.  It’s ok.  I am here”.

I was scared to death.  John was scared to death.  We felt so helpless.  I said, “Should we call 911?”  Johnny said, no.  She will be ok.  I couldn’t even begin to imagine that she would be ok.  After about 10 minutes (felt like a lifetime to me) she settled down.  Afterwards she was tired and just wanted to sleep.  They laid on the couch together for hours.  Wow was all I could think to myself.  Wow!  My son handled that so well.

Over the fall I have grown to love Emily’s loud laugh.  We all have.  She is not afraid to speak her mind.  She is always smiling and full of Joy.  The laughing out loud sometimes still keeps me awake at night, but I also look forward to hearing it when she comes in the door.

Tonight, as we were all standing in the kitchen talking, Emily had another seizure.  Just like that out of the blue.  It catches you of guard.  She can feel them coming on, but for those who surround her there is no warning signs.  She fell to the kitchen floor and my son, my compassionate, caring, loving son, jumps into action.  He lies by her side, strokes her hair, holds her trembling body and waits for it to pass.

We ask if there is anything we can do.  We feel helpless.  She calms but then seizes again.  Joey asks, “Do you know when enough is enough and we should call 911?”  Johnny said yes, this in not unusual.  They continue to lie on the cold kitchen floor.  His body protecting hers.  Scary yet beautiful.

As she calms; Johnny helps her up, Joey makes her warm tea and I watch as my sons show compassion.    Johnny runs her a bath and I am filled with complete confidence of my son’s abilities to take care of her. I am blessed with some good boys and I thank God everyday for them.

Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Thank you, God, for showing me that in my sons.  God, your compassion has no end!

Luv, luv,


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Julie Metzger of Cincinnati, OH is the Owner/Founder of Returning the Gift, has over 20+ years of Information Technology experience and has 12+ years of church & community involvement. She is working on her mission to change the world through Faith, Hope, Courage, Strength, Inspiration and most of all Love!

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  1. Linda E Bauer December 30, 2017 at 9:20 pm - Reply

    Beautiful, Julie. Love and hugs!

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